4. actegratuit:

    Vintage Porcelain Dishes Crawling with Hand-Painted Ants, by German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie

    (Source: whokilledbambi.co.uk)

  5. artslant:

    10 Hallucinations from Spaced Out at Red Bull Studios: http://bit.ly/1p9PwZ6

  6. sigvicious:

    Dyrhólaey Lighthouse.

  8. etherealvistas:

    Blood Moon eclipse Oct 8 2014 (USA) by Matt Anderson || Website

  9. mymodernmet:

    Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s colorfully transparent replication of his NYC apartment, on display at the Contemporary Austin until January 11, 2015, marks the end of his Home series.

  12. nubbsgalore:

    photos by paul nicklen for national geogrphic, who explains: "i have been traveling to northern baffin island for more than twelve years to try and get one underwater picture of a male narwhal. narwhals are very shy. they have a sensitive nature and excellent echolocation. you can see hundreds passing by the ice edge, but when you slip into the water, you may never see one.

    "late one afternoon, i had been in the -1.7°C water for a couple of hours, and i was freezing so badly that my legs and arms were cramping up. i couldn’t feel my lips around my snorkel, so i just stared into the black 2,000-foot abyss trying not to think about how cold i was.

    "then, out of the corner of my eye, i noticed something bright traveling through the murky water. i turned my head, and there they were: several male narwhals, swimming in beautiful formation. i put my frozen finger on the shutter and, as i was about to take the picture, the narwhal closest to me let out a stream of bubbles. i snapped the picture in what was the most incredible moment of the assignment." 

  13. archatlas:

    Auditorium and Convention Center in Castellón  OAB Ferrater 

    "Auditorium and Conference Centre was erected as an icon building for the consolidation of Castellon as a progressive city with projection in the social and cultural fields. 

    The building promotes an urban area in expansion, joining together the orbital road, the surroundings of the Lidon Hermitage and the growing city. Together with the big park surrounding it, it contributes to creating a homogenous city in its growth.”

  15. fer1972:

    Wire Trees Sculptures by Clive Maddison